Guidelines for a MaaS Community

On 27 June We presented the Proposed Guidelines for the Regional MaaS Community, developed and defined as part of the BIPforMaaS project funded by the Piedmont Region and coordinated by 5T.

On this occasion, we launched a public consultation to gather input from all stakeholders actively interested in building a MaaS Community in Piedmont, according to an open listening process.


The expected result is the sharing of a single strategy to innovate and improve our regional transportation system for the benefit of citizens, businesses and sustainability.

In particular, the Guidelines take us on a journey through the models of an open ecosystem. We explore the roles of the different actors in the MaaS Community and the fundamental principles, especially those of equity and non-discrimination.

Moving into the more operational part of the Guidelines, the focus shifts to the relationships between the participants in the MaaS Community and their respective rights and duties, which are instrumental in achieving benefits for the entire ecosystem.


Taking part in the public consultation is very simple: read the document containing the guidelines and fill in the form*. 

If you have any questions or requests for further information, please write to us at

*Important: before responding to the consultation, please read the Information on the processing of your personal data.

Join our MaaS Community: we are waiting for you!


Open public consultation for the MaaS Community in Piedmont: join the future of mobility!

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