A common vision for a simpler mobility

A common vision among institutions for a well-functioning mobility ecosystem. With clear goals and appropriate tool to reach them. What are we talking about in detail? Let's see together the first goal.

07 February 2022

by Matteo Antoniola

We talked about the important milestone of signing the Memorandum of Understanding among the local Bodies, which concretizes the common vision shared by Piemonte Region, City of Torino, Metropolitan City of Torino and Piemonte Mobility Agency towards the future of mobility, for the benefit of people and environment.

What are the goals of this common vision? And what are the tools to achieve them?

The first goal is simplicity.

We want to make ever easier and more immediate the access to local public transport services (buses, trams, metro and trains) for those moving around our community.

And the most suitable tool for simplicity will be our smartphone. Because the time is ripe (both in terms of technologies and in terms of users’ propensity) for the digital evolution of the current BIP card towards a full digital service, that we have called SmartBIP.

SmartBIP will be a new digital platform and a smartphone app (both iOS and Android), and will allow people to use buses and trains throughout the region (with all operators gradually being ready).

The common path identified by the local authorities plans to accelerate, in collaboration with the local public transport companies, the realization of SmartBIP.

We are sure that SmartBIP will simplify the life of public transport users. And that will also be an enabling module for the development of MaaS services, for the benefit of those, who tomorrow will choose the entire range of mobility options (bus, train, taxi, and all shared mobility services) in a simple and immediate way.

Why do we focus on SmartBIP? Because we believe in a greener world, characterized by a greater use of public transport and less dependence on private cars.

Let’s go for it!

Photo by Pablo Arroyo on Unsplash


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