MaaS Market Playbook by the MaaS Alliance

MaaS Alliance has recently published the MaaS Market Playbook, a document that aims to provide detailed information on how to support the development of an open and competitive MaaS market that delivers clear benefits to users, societies, and the environment.

02 April 2021

by Matteo Antoniola

We are glad to share this document, since the same principles are inspiring the BPforMaaS project and characterise our Manifesto!

Among the key messages, we find the value of trust, the secret ingredient for the success of MaaS, and the role of public governance, essential to define a framework of rules to ensure the achievement of societal and environmental goals.

Also BIPforMaaS and 5T believe in the value of an open ecosystem, in order to promote the deployment of MaaS services to the benefit of our citizens and of the whole community.

We encourage MaaS Lovers to read this interesting document, that might help all of us in our journey towards a more multimodal and sustainable future of mobility. Enjoy the reading!

Download the MaaS Market Playbook to find out more.


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